About the webmaster and competition organizer.

I have been brewing since Labor Day (September) of 1990.

I am an avid homebrewer, starting out as an extract brewer Labor Day weekend of 1990.   Then in January 1997 I moved to all-grain brewing with the help of my brother and friends.

Although I’d been judging since the early 90’s I passed the BJCP judge exam acquiring Certified judging status in 2005.

My first Draught Board meeting was in June of 1991.  I’ve been a member ever since, including serving as president for 6 years. Shortly after joining the club, like most members, I was drafted into service for BABO (the Bay Area Brew Off).

  • I started out as a steward and apprentice judge.
  • My brother, Don, and I prepared and served lunch at the 1994 BABO at Lyon’s pub in Dublin California
  • I became the competition registrar in 1996 receiving and recording all the bottles for each homebrew entry.
  • I took over running the competition in 2005.

This website was created to better help me administer and run the competition.

Thank you for the interest,
Roger St. Denis.

Where you can enter various San Francisco Bay Area homebrew competitions.