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The current details for the BABO (Bay Area Brew Off) homebrew competition are available online at the Alameda County Fair website.

Along with the current Homebrew Competition Handbook (listing the competition rules) you can register as an exhibitor/brewer, judge or steward.

To register yourself as an exhibitor (brewer) along with your entries.

AND for stewards and judges to register please follow the following directions

Looking towards the top of the the Alameda County Fair page, you'll see a workflow line with the following tabs:

  1. Register ---- 2. Entries --- 3. Review --- 4. Pay --- 5. Confirm --- 6 Finish

Please start by clicking the Register tab.
Fill out the fields, then click continue and the site will walk you thru all the steps to register as any of the following:

  • exhibitor/brewer with entries,
  • judge or
  • steward.